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Ductwork is a critical component of your HVAC system – comparable to the veins and arteries of the human circulatory system. Without it, the best forced air system available could never heat or cool your home. In fact, not only couldn’t the system function without ductwork, but this ingenious system of air ducts delivers its cargo to every part of the system it serves — and then back again to start the whole process all over again. Like the rest of your HVAC system, your ductwork also requires maintenance, since it’s vital to your family’s health and well-being.

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Why Is Duct Cleaning Necessary?

A forced air system is constantly pushing air through its air ducts, but it doesn’t stop at just that: the system also picks up household allergens and dust and quietly deposits it right inside the ductwork — especially when the air filter isn’t changed regularly. Picture this scenario after thousands of HVAC cycles. The process may not be visible to the eye, since your ductwork is hidden inside your walls or attic, but what you end up with over time are incredibly dirty AC ducts. It typically takes a while for this buildup to become significant, but after about three years, it’s a good idea to have your air ducts cleaned and checked for any issues.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning to the Rescue

Freshly-cleaned air ducts greatly benefit your family’s health and comfort. This service, performed by our experienced duct-cleaning specialists, will quickly transform your ductwork from dusty, dirty, and full of debris into clean, shiny, and sanitary. The many years we’ve spent performing this service on offshore platforms have prepared our crews well to provide the same high-quality service for our residential customers that we’ve routinely offered our commercial accounts.

What Are the Signs of Dirty Air Ducts?

Even though your system’s ductwork is hidden inside walls and ceilings, there are some telltale indicators you can look for that signal the need for duct cleaning:

  • Heavier-than-average buildup of dust on the furniture and other surfaces inside your home
  • Buildup of dust, dirt or debris in or around your supply air vents or return-air registers
  • An air filter that’s clogged with dust — evidence that dust is circulating through the system and settling in the ductwork due to reduced airflow
  • Excessive dust inside the furnace compartment and/or on the system’s air conditioning coil
  • Ductwork that hasn’t been cleaned in 10 years or more
  • Use of budget air filters that never seem to capture any dust

Any of these could be a sign that your ductwork needs to be cleaned. If you’re unsure, let our experts take a look inside so they can diagnose any potential problems.

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All of the above are clues that can help you determine when your ductwork may be due — or overdue — for a checkup. Call our experts to schedule a cleaning for your dirty air ducts and almost instantly lower the allergen levels inside your home.

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