During a power outage, you’re dealing with more than a mere inconvenience. Depending on how long the power is out, you could face spoiled food, extreme discomfort from heat or cold, or even potential basement flooding if you’re using a sump pump to keep your basement dry. Since Metairie, LA can experience frequent or prolonged power outages, obtaining a generator will help you prepare for just this kind of emergency. Here are three key ways to select the best unit for your needs:

1. Determine the Type of Generator Unit You Need

Backup units and standby models each fill a need. Backup models are portable and hook up to your appliances via extension cords. These models are appropriate if you only have a few key appliances you need to keep running during a power outage — a refrigerator and microwave, for example. However, if you aren’t too keen on doing without some of the additional modern conveniences you’ve come to depend on, a larger standby model, which hooks up directly to your home’s electrical panel, may be the better choice for your needs.

2. Calculate How Much Power You Need

The electrical capacity of the generator unit you choose should be based on the combined wattage of the electrical appliances you need to power simultaneously, plus a cushion to allow for power surges that occur when some appliances are turned on. You’ll need to check the electrical ratings for the appliances you plan to use to make sure the model you choose will be able to handle the load. Today’s models indicate the running wattage and surge wattage they can handle.

3. Consult an Electrical Expert

Since your family’s safety depends on figuring surge wattage correctly, and doing so can be a little tricky for the non-expert, it’s wise to consult a professional to be sure the generator unit you choose can handle the appliances you need to power. For your peace of mind, our experts are always here to help. Call Seruntine Refrigeration Service at 504-833-8831 for the answers to all your backup electrical power questions.

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