With New Orleans, LA residents still enjoying backyard barbeques while the rest of the country freezes over, it’s easy to forget our homes need TLC for the upcoming chilly temperatures. Keep your home safe and comfortable by adding these five simple maintenance tasks to your autumn checklist:

1. Flip the Fan Switch

Reversing the direction of your ceiling fans pushes down rising warm air and redistributes it throughout the room. Check the base of the fan for a small switch that will move the fan clockwise. While you’re up there, give the blades a quick wipedown.

2. Keep Out Fall Critters

Your crawl space and attic make the perfect home for rodents and bugs seeking a warm place to settle in for the winter. Look for small holes and cracks where critters can sneak in. Seal them with spray foam, and spray the perimeter with a pest repellent.

3. Prep the Pipes

Before the autumn temperatures drop, pump out all outside water lines, including sprinkler heads, water hoses and outdoor kitchens. Wrap outdoor faucets and pipes with insulation to prevent costly repairs.

4. Eradicate Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew love Louisiana’s summer humidity. Inspect wet areas around your home, such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room, for growing fungi and then eliminate it with diluted bleach or an antimicrobial spray. You should also check plumbing, the icemaker, and water lines for leaks.

5. Duct Cleaning

Dusty ductwork pumps all kinds of harmful allergens into your home. Before firing up the furnace, make sure this circulatory system is clean. Remove the majority of the system’s dirt by vacuuming registers, wiping down air returns and changing the air filter. Every three years, the ductwork should be professionally cleaned.

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