From improved productivity to increased client retention, the financial benefits commercial HVAC systems offer make them essential to any successful business in the Metairie, LA area. Driven by new regulations for energy efficiency, the latest HVAC technologies are making them even more profitable. Innovation is also changing the way the HVAC industry approaches indoor climate control. Today, the focus is all about saving energy, money, and time.

Advancements in Commercial AC and Heating Technologies

Heating and cooling account for around 35 percent of all energy used in commercial buildings. New standards for energy efficiency aim to reduce overall energy consumption. These government mandates have led HVAC manufacturers to redesign systems and develop innovative new features:

  • Scroll Compressors
  • Offering a more energy-efficient option to their piston-driven counterparts, scroll compressors are revolutionizing AC installations. Featuring two spiral-shaped scrolls, they do a better job at compressing refrigerant so that it can be cooled more efficiently.

  • Two-Stage Compressors
  • Two-stage compressors also deliver substantial energy savings. Around 80 percent of the time, they operate at a lower setting that decreases energy use without impacting comfort. When outdoor temperatures rise, they shift seamlessly to a higher setting.

  • Variable-Speed Blowers
  • Variable-speed blowers control air velocity, adjusting airflow automatically according to cooling demands. By eliminating intermittent blasts of air, this energy-saving function helps maintain an even temperature throughout your commercial business.

High-Tech Heating and AC Installations

Incorporating smart control systems into commercial HVAC installations is another strong trend in the industry. These affordable systems come equipped with microprocessors that execute complex algorithms to “learn” temperature preferences and adjust operation accordingly. Wi-Fi enabled thermostats let building managers use a smartphone app to track energy usage and alter settings remotely.

When it comes to cost control and customer satisfaction, HVAC systems play key roles in your commercial enterprise. Seruntine’s installation experts stay on top of the latest innovations in HVAC technology to bring you the best systems available. To explore more energy-saving strategies, call us today at 504-833-8831.

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