Air Conditioning Service & More in Slidell, LA

Life in Slidell, LA means being prepared. And that, of course, involves making sure your AC system is ready to handle the heat and humidity of Slidell’s hot, muggy, rainy summers. For many, it also involves planning ahead for hurricane season by stocking up on non-perishables and making sure they have a dependable source of backup electricity. Seruntine Refrigeration Services is always available to help you master your most pressing weather-related challenges. By providing high-quality air conditioning repair and backup generator services, our skilled service professionals make it easier for you to “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.”

Slidell, LA

Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Two of the primary services we offer our customers in the Slidell area are air conditioning repair and air conditioning maintenance. These services are vital in late spring and summer due to the nature of the area’s climate, the amount of summer rainfall, and the town’s proximity to Lake Pontchartrain. These factors all combine to create multiple opportunities for translating high temperatures into oppressive heat due to the area’s high humidity levels. As a resident or business owner in Slidell, you’ll be happy to know that our factory-trained, NATE-certified air conditioning repair professionals are on the job providing 24/7 emergency repair service whenever you need it.

Backup Generator Services in Slidell, LA

To help our customers in the Greater New Orleans area prepare for the possibility of power outages from thunderstorms, we also offer a complete lineup of backup and standby generators to provide a dependable alternative source of electricity for your home or business during a blackout. Our backup generator services also help our customers prepare for potential future hurricanes that can knock out electricity for significant periods of time.

Your Heating & Air Conditioning Service Professionals

Seruntine Refrigeration Services is a full-service HVAC contractor providing a complete menu of high-quality heating and air conditioning services, ranging from AC and furnace installation to ongoing preventative HVAC system maintenance. Let us help you keep your Slidell home or business comfortable year-round. Visit our Services page for more information about our various air conditioning and heating repair options.

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